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Fun, Family-Oriented Youth Programs by BK Express

BK Express in Brooklyn, New York, is composed of a tight-knit group of individuals who treat each other like family. We hold youth programs with the aid our local Salvation Army. Join us in our cause and help at-risk youths and their families by contributing monetary or in-kind donations to our organization today.

Two Skating Teams

Focused Youth Development Programs

When it comes to overall youth development, we believe that hosting youth programs like roller skating contests, engage young people in productive and constructive ways. These in turn can lead to better health, social, and educational outcomes for the children in the long run. Aside from roller skating classes and events like solo skating competitions, couple skating, and the best trio, we also have monthly gatherings for family night, cakewalk contests, and costume parties. Check our site for updates on upcoming events and future trips to major skating competitions in the state.

Full Program Details

At the foundation, we believe that our programs are a great way to spend the evening with close friends and family. Our gatherings are held on Wednesdays and Fridays, and feature light shows and live music from our resident DJ. For special events, we provide food and even giveaways when our funds allow it. Prizes do vary so please check back with us often to see what is offered for the week. Please note that video coverage for all events is available for sale on DVD.

Take Action

At BK Express, we encourage a small donation in order to help cover the security and cost of the venue. A small donation can go a long way with us. Moreover, we accept donations in-kind such as old or used 8-wheeled roller skates in all sizes.